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The Humble Custom Carabiner Keychain Can Often Come In Handy

Inconspicuous little items are unexpectedly good helpers in your life. I believe that in our lives, we will often see all kinds of custom carabiner keychains. Maybe a lot of people don’t pay much attention to it after seeing it. Sometimes, you can’t remember the use of this custom climbing carabiner for a while, so you just put it aside.

But sometimes, did you know that these aluminum carabiners are not only used when we climb mountains, but also in many times in our lives, the seemingly humble carabiner often has some unexpected effects. Do you know what else it can do?

Fasten objects, this is very practical
Many times have you ever noticed such troubles: When we go out to walk the dog, we tend to hold one hand on the leash. But if we want to free up one hand for other things, we will find that it is not so convenient at this time. It may be more troublesome if you tie the rope to the dog. And sometimes the tie is not strong, and it is often easy for the puppy to escape. It’s hard to fasten it and it’s stronger, so when we want to untie the rope, it often takes a lot of effort.

At this time, the role of the carabiner is very obvious, that is, it can be fast and easy to fasten the dog leash. If there is no carabiner, tying a knot with the dog’s rope is often a waste of time, and it is very laborious to open. A carabiner can be tied to the rope of a puppy with a simple buckle, and it is also very strong.

Carabiner, also has storage function
In fact, when it comes to this point, many friends may disagree. Maybe it’s because everyone didn’t realize how to play the role of storage for carabiner? Sometimes we don’t realize that there are other functions besides hanging things. For the simplest example, many girls tend to have a lot of rubber bands or hair ropes at home. If these rubber bands and head ropes are usually placed there, they will always look messy. But at this time, if there is one thing to tidy up all the rubber bands and hair ropes, it will become very neat after summarizing.

There are so many tips in life, so many inconspicuous little things around us. But some casual attempts can bring a lot of convenience to our lives.

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