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Black Diamond Wire Gate Carabiners

Wire gate hammock carabiner
Material: aluminum 6061 and 7075
Break strength:4KN/10KN
Size: 81*48MM

Product Description

LIGHT&HANDHELD SIZE. It is made of superior durable lightweight aircraft 7075 aluminum material. It’s so light that you can hardly feel it putting it on your hand.

HEAVY DUTY. The specimen broke between 1700-1900kg longitudinal force in destructive testing. Nevertheless, to be safe, we suggest you do not use it above 2645lbs/1200kg load and DO NOT USE IT FOR CLIMBING because it’s an open gate.

SUPER CONVENIENT&SNAG FREE. Wire gates make it very quick to open one-handed and prevent them from snagging and ripping material accidentally. Inside spring keeps the gate close automatically.
VERSATILE. The carabiners are perfect for various occasions, such as hammock, key chain, gym, weighing, camping, hiking, backpack, and more.

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