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Screw Lock Carabiner Custom Wohlesale

Material: 7075/6061

Breaking strength :7075 is up to 12KN, 6061 is up to 5KN


Size: 80*48.4mm

Color can be any colors

Product Description

High strength ,strong corrosion resistance,oxidation resistance,easy to carry

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT : Weighs only around 2 ounces each, these carabiners are prefect for minimizing the weight of your backpack and gear during any adventure. Outdoor hammock carabiner

WIDE RANGE APPLICATIONS -Used for daily life, attached to the EDC/Camping/Hiking,hammocks,Rappelling ,Locking Dog Leash and Harness or use as a key ring.Free your hands!There are countless ways this product can be used and it is essential to anyone that is traveling , can be used as a handle or hanger, dozens of uses around the home, RV or boat, very practical and convenient for daily life.

sctew lock carabiner

sctew lock carabiner

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