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Screw Lock Carabiner Custom Supplier

Material: 7075/6061

Breaking strength :7075 is up to 12KN, 6061 is up to 5KN

Weight: 25.6g

Size: 81*46.6mm

Color can be any colors

Product Description

Locking Climbing Carabiner: Great for camping accessories, true survival gear, rappelling, rescuing, swinging and aerial yoga, camping, hiking etc.

Screw Lock – The screw lock features a threaded sleeve that must be manually screwed open or closed in order to release the gate. They are less vulnerable to component malfunction because they have fewer moving parts than a twist lock carabiner.

Easy to operate with the twist lock design, you can easily run this climbing carabiner one-handed. You can easily lock it by turning the red screw, then turn it in the opposite direction and turn it on again to unlock it. Great camping carabiner!

Super Lightweight: Weighs only around 2 ounces each, these carabiners are prefect for minimizing the weight of your backpack and gear during any adventure. Outdoor hammock carabiner.

nut lock climbing carabiner

screw carabiner

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