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Custom Carabiner With Automatic Lock

Self locking carabiner


Min. Breaking load:1200kg/500kg


Net weight: 30.8g

Color: any colors

Product Description

Application: backpack, keychain, outdoor camping, hiking ,hanging etc,retail industry, general industry

★Durable material:Made of high quality aluminum and its advantages are: anti-rust, fading, the protection of environmental, durability, anti-friction and etc.
★Design and production: The light D-shaped parts is made of high quality aluminum and after the oxidation treatment, it becomes more durable, looks nice and easy to carry.
★Practicality: Light-weight and easy to carry. You can buckle things in your backpack when you travel. You can use it to hang small objects and use them as the indoor and outdoor hooks generally. It is well use in various occasions and very convenient..
★Safety: It can endure things up to 4 KN (882 lbs), but we are not recommending you to use it on rock climbing.

custom carabiner automatic lock

custom carabiner automatic lock

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