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Custom Dog Leash Carabiner

What is a dog leash carabiner?

Dog leash carabiner is the latest popular way to go out to pull the dog. Unlike the traditional dog leash, the dog leash carabiner latch is made of a professional carabiner, so the degree of tensile strength is more robust and more durable.


Why use dog leash carabiner?

If you have a lot of experience with dogs and have ever walked your dog with Walk Harnesses or Gentle Leaders, I’m sure you’ve had a dog get loose at one time or another.

Using a dog leash carabiner will avoid the problem of loose dogs. Because the carabiner was initially designed as mountain climbing equipment, after strict production quality testing, compared to the weight of the whole body hanging in the air, the dog traction force is incomparable, so even for large dogs, as long as you use the dog leash carabiner to traction will not be afraid of the problem of loosening!


Kimjee dog leash carabiner

Kimjee dog leash carabiner has 7 types according to the gate of carabiners, wire gate carabiner, bent gate carabiner, twist lock carabiner, auto-locking carabiner, straight gate carabiner, and double swivel carabiner, and one particular kind, pet collar accessories. All of them are made of special aluminum; the advantage is lightweight with excellent break strength, making your outdoor and indoor activity more accessible and colorful.


Kimjee dog leash carabiner, which breaks strength, comes with 5KN and 12KN; also, you can choose lock features, so you can rest assured that your pup will not come loose. We will recommend a suitable size according to your leash size.


Custom dog leash carabiner

Generally speaking, the dog leash carabiner styles we offer below are sufficient to meet all your dog leash needs. Still, if you have browsed through the products below and cannot choose the right one for your dog, you can contact us to customize the style, material, color, tensile strength, etc., that you want.

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