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How to Choose a carabiner

How to choose a carabiner ? Different climbing tasks require different kinds of carabiners. To choose and use them properly, you must first understand the differences between them. There are three main areas to consider:
Gate type
Size, weight and strength
Once you understand the differences, think about your needs.Kimjee provides all different kinds of carabiner, auto-lock carabiner,bent gate carabiner,screw lock carabiner,straight gate carabiner and wire gate carabiner and all small kinds of carabiners , which is widely used at outdoor products, promotional gifts .

What type of climbing you do and how you’ll use the carabiner will determine what carabiner you buy. Kimjee will give you all

pratical advice.

Once you understand how shape, gate type, size, weight and strength affect performance, it’s helpful to think about how you’ll be using the carabiners.

Features that make a carabiner great for one type of climbing might not make it so great for another. For example, small wiregate carabiners can be great for racking gear to keep your rack light or for making lightweight trad quickdraws, but they won’t be as easy to clip as larger, heavier carabiners.

lock swivel carabiner

Your safety is your responsibility. No article or video can replace proper instruction and experience. Make sure you practice proper techniques and safety guidelines before you climb.

if you want to know more about how to choose carabiners, please feel free to contact us. for email ,sales28@hookdg.com .or you can also visit our professional carabiner website ,http://www.cnkimjee.com , we are sure here you can find what you want.

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