Will the carabiner be damaged in use?

carabiner snap hooks

Will the carabiner be damaged in the process of use? After all, a carabiner is a crafted product, and no matter how fine the craftsmanship and quality, no manufacturer can guarantee 100% that it will not break. Still, such damage in use can only happen when the gear is not used as intended, or it […]

How do you make sure your climbing carabiner is safe and secure?


The carabiner has many uses, from pulling dogs to camping, hammocking, and making keychains, but back to his primary application of mountain climbing. The quality of carabiner used for mountain climbing must be very strict, so how should you ensure that your climbing buckle is safe and strong enough and reliable quality? You can’t conclude […]

5 Ways to Use the Carabiner for Dog Walking

dog leash carabiner

When I say use a carabiner to walk your dog, some may wonder, walk your dog with a carabiner? Yes, you may be wondering why there are so many leashes and tools on the market specifically designed for dog walking. Still, I chose the carabiner initially designed for hiking use? Because I’ve seen too many […]

To Climbers: How to train your core

custom carabiner

Rock climbing is already a complex sport in itself, so why train more than just climbing time? Well, it’s because you can get additional strength and endurance gains by doing a variety of physical activities. We’ve explained before that flexibility is an integral part of climbing, but now your core strength takes center stage. Why […]

What is a snap hook carabiner

snap hook carabiners

The snap hook carabiner is very similar: a hook with a spring opening allows the rope or rope to enter the hook and loop, but do not leave it unless you pull a small knob down with your thumb to open the spring.

Carabiner hooks gate type, what are the pros and cons

Carabiner hooks gate type

There are several types of carabiner hooks on the market. Different types of Carabiner hooks have different designs to adapt to different mountain climbing environments. Now let Kimjee share the gate types of carabiner hooks