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We design, manufacture, and wholesale highly specialized carabiners including climbing carabiner, custom carabiner, hammock carabiner, mini carabiner, leash carabiner. Our custom carabiner solutions come from a deep understanding of our customers’ needs.

Fulfill Your Custom Carabiner Needs

Our custom carabiners are widely used for dog leash, hammocks, limbing, 

mountaineering, rock climbing, caving,etc


We offer the option to produce carabiners in different sizes to ensure that you get packaging options that will accommodate your products accurately.

Types of opening gate

Our custom solutions feature the production of carabiners in different types of the opening gates (locking, non-locking, auto locking, wire gate, bent gate) to help ensure that they fit in with your desired products.

Carabiner hooks gate type

You have a wide range of color options to consider which will help you better position yourself in the market and bring in some unique pieces.

Material & Finishing

Our carabiner can be made of aviation aluminum(7075 6061) zinc alloy, stainless steel, iron, copper, etc. (some products can be made of other materials). We offer the surface finishing of anodized, electroplating treatment, electrophoresis treatment, polishing treatment

Who We Are

We, Dongguan Kimjee Hardware Co., Ltd. started in 2013, located in Chang'an of Dongguan City. There are 80 stuff in our factory about 15,000m2. Our founder Ms Yang hopes all the people will use the good quality and safe carabiners. Then she founded Kimjee. Kimjee specializes in research, development and sales of Aviation Aluminum Carabiners. Such as swivel carabiner, carabiner with eye hook, d shaped carabiner, locking carabiner, auto locking carabiner, etc. Which are widely used in pet products, outdoor activities, industry, fishing tools, etc. With hundreds of hardware factories in the industry, it's difficult to choose one to trust. Since 2013, our focus has been providing our high quality, safe product and service in the industry. Thanks to our amazing customers and our dedication to providing high quality products, we have developed into one of China's fastest growing 7075 aluminum carabiner manufacturers.We also accept ODM&OEM, we have complete global supply chain, so it's no problem for our products to suits different standard all over the world.


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